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I, i've stumble on your forum and it looks like the place to ask the few things i've got on my mind.
I've bought a new tv and the sound is horrible so i decided it is time to build a nice cabinet and get a home theater system. The piece my tv is in is a bit less than 7' high, 12' by 15' not counting 4-5 feet behind the tv cabinet that almost make another wall.
I want to enlose speakers in my cabinet.
I don't like too loud sound, i'm the kind of guy who carry earplugs when i go see a show and will probably wear them.
I'm usually sitting 11' from tv, sometimes i move to 8 foot when i want a bigger tv.
I'd like 5 channels.
The rear speaker will probably be much closer to me than the front ones unless i sit much closer to the tv, somewere in the 1-5 feet.
I will need a new receiver/amplifier.
My wife would like to listen music all around the house and i don't mind running wires ( playing music from her android tablet would be a plus).
I've got quite a couple of old but still really useable speakers, i want to use as much of it as possible and buy as less new stuff as possible.
I've gone past the last few years listening tv from the 2 oval 10 watts in picture 6 and i was mostly satisfied.
I'm usually not happy with things i did not build myself.

Here is some pictures of what i have laying around, i have 2 the pentagonal one. And a crude drawing of my cabinet.

Here's the questions that are obsessing me:
Can i build speaker in my cabinet? I plan on two box around 12''x24''x14'' and one maybe around 24''x4' by up to 14.
How much power do i need?
Any reciever recommendation? I do not want to spend more than a few hundreds on this. I do not like things with light that i cannot dim or hide, i enjoy tv in the dark.
How should i make 5 channels and maybe a sub with what i have laying around? I dont mind rebulding everything.


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