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I'm having an audio/video sync issue. We recently upgraded to FiOS.

The Set-Top Box in question is a Cisco CHS-435HDC. It does not have any audio sync/delay options.

TV: Sony KDL-46EX700

Surround/Receiver: Sony BDV-E570

Audio Switch: Nyrius SW201

The Sony receiver only has a single optical audio input and no video inputs.

My TV has 4 HDMI inputs, and 1 optical out. Due to some original audio sync issues with a lot of devices going from Device > HDMI > TV > Optical Out, I had purchased a switch specifically for switching between audio devices, directly connected to the receiver, instead of it going from HDMI to the TV and then out the TV's optical port then to the receiver.

So as an example of how my devices are working:

Video Output: Xbox 360 HDMI OUT > Television HDMI IN

Audio Output: Xbox 360 Optical OUT > Audio Switch Optical IN > Audio Switch Optical OUT > Receiver Optical IN

The switch we are using requires a power source and I suppose is digital rather than analog.

This fixed ALL audio/video synchronization issues. We had Dish network, and used their HD box. It was configured the same way, and never had a problem.

Now we're using the Cisco box provided by Verizon, and there is very noticeable audio/video delay, where sound is occurring before the lips start moving on the people. The receiver has a built in delay feature (which kind of stinks because it sets it for all devices), but you can only change intervals of 25ms, up to 300ms. I notice an improvement when I set it to 25ms or 50ms, but it's still off. It's very noticeable when doors are closing or someone fires a gun.

It also depends on the channel I'm watching. When watching On Demand content, I notice it the worst.

How do I go about fixing this? I do not want to contact Verizon technical support because it will be hopeless. Should I use a switch that does not require a power source?

Should I get a new switch that supports both HDMI and optical, rather than having the HDMI connectors plugged into the TV directly? I'm just nervous about quality degradation.

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