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Hello all. I am currently looking to upgrade my HT system. I know a fair amount on this subject but nowhere near as much as most people on this forum so I ask if you can provide me some help in choosing my next system.

My current setup is a Onkyo TX-NR809 receiver. Boston Acoustics HS450 Towers a HS225 Center, HS60 surrounds and a HPS 10SE subwoofer.

We purchased our home around 3 years ago and I had these speakers from our previous house. I dont think they fill up the new Den quite like they filled up the last house. Our den is 25 x 22 and mostly closed off except for one door opening in the rear of the room..It is slab flooring with a little bit of padding and carpet. I am not concerned with size of speakers (sub can be huge) but I am hoping to keep it around a $2500 budget for 5.1 sound. As I will probably keep my receiver for now. I can always upgrade and add more speakers/subs to do a 5.2 or 7.2 in the future.

I have been looking very hard at the SVS subs and towers although I do not know if they are my best choice. My Home Theater is used for Movies 80-85% of the time and Music the other 15-20%. I do not watch sports or play any games. The one thing that concerns me about the SVS towers are that they ported and seem to require space behind them. These speakers will either sit in a corner or go right on front of the colums next to my fireplace not leaving any room behind them for air.

Any help would be appreciated. I did some searching but couldnt find any direct answers.

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You should look at powersound audio. The 110s are in your budget and the reviews are astounding. I just bought 3 of the 210s and let me tell you, I will never look for another upgrade. The guys running the company used to work for svs, so they are very seasoned. Read the last couple pages of the official forum and youll be convinced.
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