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Hello everyone; I am a relative novice to the home theater sector and wanted to get the expert advice on here.

My parents are building a new house and they have a dedicated home theater downstairs; no ambient light at all (no windows) and very large room, with 3 level stadium-style seating with distances at 13 ft.+

We are interested in the 1080p projectors available and I have essentially narrowed it down to the Sony VPL-VW50 and the Optoma HD81; the price comparison between them is not an issue and they seem to be the best performing models under $10,000


1. Which one of these do you recommend? I have read that the Optoma with its DLP tech. offers an extremely sharp picture, while the Sony's image quality may be slightly softer but with dramatically better contrast, black levels, etc.

2. What screen size do I go with at this distance with these projectors? I am definitely anticipating 100+ with a room of this size, but what is the correct capability/pairing for these projectors? Is anything larger than 100 too big for these projectors? Will anything smaller prove too small for the room?

3. Components: anticipate getting an HD-DVD player of course, but what is the correct kind to pair respectively with these projectors (I understand the frame rate has some influence in terms of projector and component pairing)?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks for taking the time.

- ap.
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