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Hello all,

I have been planning this project for some time, and now it's time to act. I am about to choose a builder to build a new home for myself and my wife in Waveland, IN. Waveland is a small rural community about 10 miles southwest of Crawfordsville, 40 miles southwest of Lafayette, and 60 miles west of Indianapolis.

Part of our home project will be a home theater room in the basement. We intend to have a room that will be approximately 20' by 22' with a 9'+ ceiling. There will be two rows of seating, with the second on a riser. We are looking at having a screen of between 100" and 120" (diagonal). I have a basic design of the room, but I am now in need of a professional to help with all of the details. Whoever I find to do the job will coordinate with the home builder on things like floor, ceiling, and wallboard specifications, wiring, speaker installation, projector and screen installation, and anything else required to create a home theater that my family can enjoy for years to come. I will also be looking for advice on what equipment to buy and where to buy it. If the service provider ends up being a reseller, that would simplify things.

We are currently living in the Chicago area, which is about 180 miles away. I know who I would have do the job if I were having it done here, but I don't know anyone in the area where we are building. Can anyone help me find a reputable home theater professional that would work in the area where our new home will be?

Thank you.

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