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Home Theater is Listening??

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So I'm upgrading my home theater, finally. I'm getting a Samsung Q90R for the wall (82"!) and a Yamaha RX-A780 receiver. Both of these heavily market that they use Google / Siri / Alexa voice controls. I have no desire for any smart speakers in my home! Does anyone know if these features can be turned off or otherwise disabled? Or am I forced to facilitate the surveillance state if I want the latest home theater gear?

Thanks in advance.

(Yes, I know my phone is probably already listening to me! Nonetheless, I don't want any (other) "always listening" devices!)
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I have many Sonos speakers in my home and use voice on a few of them. But on a couple of them, I just never set up that part. There's a little notification in the app that tells me I have "one more step" left, but they work just fine.

I'd wonder if you could do that on these things? Or will it let you not set it up???
I just make sure never to discuss my plans for taking over the world in front of Alexa. :)
Well they're a part of smart home theater setup. I don't think that's possible other wise they won't be that marketable now that people opting for smart devices as part of their home theater.
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