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I am working on my first home theater build for a basement finish that will be starting in the next couple of months. I have created some plans, revised them and revised them some more. I am close to finalizing things that meet with my wifes visual approval as well as what I hope will be a good home theater experience. I have some unanswered questions that I could use some help on though.

First, room basics.

My room is about 14’ x 38’ x 7.5’.

I plan on having a 100” acoustically transparent screen.

There will be 2 rows of theater seating. The first row at about 12’ and the second row at about 19’. Immediately behind the 2nd row will be a bar counter with overflow seating.

Theater Usage:

50% TV (30% Sports and 70% non-sports)

40% Movies

10% Music

Occasional Light Gaming

My current A/V equipment plan for a 7.1 system is:

Epson 5020

Dennon 3313 (I wanted an independent Zone 2 Video output)

Definitive Technologies UIW RLS III for the Fronts and Center

My remaining questions (assuming all of the above makes sense) are:

1) What speakers to use for the Mids and Rears? I have read dissenting options about which are more important and where to spend the money. I am assuming they will all be Definitive Technologies of some sort so am guessing it would be some combination of UIW RSS, UIW BP/A, UIW 65, or UIW 94 but do not have enough knowledge to figure out what would be best where.

2) Where do I place the Mids and Rears?

The Mids will need to be placed in-wall around 18 or 19’ even though that isn’t ideal due to a hallway opening into the room. They cannot go in the ceiling due to the bulkhead coming out pas the leftmost theater seat. I can figure out the height but am not sure what speaker to use here.

The Rears are more problematic. The left rear cannot go in the ceiling to the HVAC bulkhead. The right rear cannot go in the wall due to the bar cabinet being there. You can see that from the images I have attached. How will that affect the overall sound if one speaker is in-wall and the other is in-ceiling? Are there any other options I am missing? If one is in the ceiling and one is in the wall, what speakers work here?

3) What sub should I get? I am not someone who wants to “shake the walls” or wake up the neighbors but I know it is important to the overall theater experience. Any suggestions or ideas on where to place it?

Obviously, if there are any items I am missing or suggestions to improve my setup I would be very interested to hear them.

Thanks for any help.
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