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Home theater seating riser tread lighting

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Hi, this is my first post and i hope someone can help. I am in the process of building a home theater and in the project there will be a riser for the rear seating. I am currently looking for a stair nosing that will house RGB LEDs. I want it to look like the aisle lighting in a movie theater.

Im looking for something like this: but i cant for the life of me find a place i can actually buy it!


can someone help me out?
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Nice, l also want to know. Hoping someone can point out where to source the above. Where did you get those pics from?

Here are a few of my links. I just can't find a place to buy it from. A few of them would work but i really want the vista on because of the fact it will allow me to mount the RGB leds myself saving some money and enabling me to replace bad bulbs. I really want the RGB so i can change colors.
But i see a dealer locator in the Vista link http://www.vistamfg.com/dealers
ya i saw that too and used it. problem is the people that replied said they ordered from vista in bulk, they said the minimum order was 50 to 100 units. all i need in about 30 foot of the stuff. really wondering if anyone has found products like these and actually be able to buy them?
what have people don't light their risers? anyone had lights on the top of the stair? looking for ideas.
I had a heck of a time finding something too. I didn't want anything too bright as what you want. I finally found some riser lights at Lowe's that worked perfectly. Here are some pics of them.

Here are some close up of the stairs. I put in 2 lights for each riser which seems to have worked great.

Here they are after I covered my riser.

You can see them here but they are black & disappear into the black carpet which is what I was looking for. They work great when the lights are out & they are on.
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that looks nice! My theater is going to have a lot of accent lighting, so I really want to put RGB LEDs in. until i find a Bull nose stair tread that will work and that i can actually buy.... haha this is the plan:

Rout out a standard wood stair nosing and put in this track on both the top and bottom. it comes with a lens to put over it, and works with RGB LEDs. then wire them to this wall mounted controller that can dimmer and change the color of the LEDs. A lot of work, but will look awesome. But im still looking for a tread that will save me the time.

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hey guys i know its been a while but we finally finished our riser and the tread lighting and if I'm honest its 10 times better then i thought it would have been.
the whole thing is custom built with tons of LED color options. Anyone interested in some pictures?
if i get enough feedback, ill even do a detailed tutorial on the system!
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Originally Posted by depew23  /t/1466803/home-theater-seating-riser-tread-lighting#post_23599726

hey guys i know its been a while but we finally finished our riser and the tread lighting and if I'm honest its 10 times better then i thought it would have been.
the whole thing is custom built with tons of LED color options. Anyone interested in some pictures?
if i get enough feedback, ill even do a detailed tutorial on the system!

of course we are interested in pics and a writeup!
I'd like to see some pics and get some info on your final design!

When in doubt, post pictures
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ok here it goes haha

we built our riser pretty simple. the shape of the room is rather odd, so that why we had to design the stairs in the shape we did. we wanted to avoid sharp corners in the oak by having 90 degree corners.

so basically I looked for months for a prefabbed stairnosing that I could put RGB LEDS. needless to say they were either terribly expensive or non existent. So we chose to build our own. We headed to home depot and bought some lengths of 3 by 1 inch pieces of oak. we then rounded the front edge to make is look and feel like a normal stair nosing.

so at this point we had an oak stair nosing, now we needed LEDs. we cut out a 5/8 by 1/4 inch deep run down the oak to fit in the aluminum track we had bought.

we also bought a frosted lens that covers the track and protects the LEDs

the track we chose is made to fit 3825 sized LEDs, we wanted multi colored, so we bought RGB.

so that sorta gives the idea how we put it together, ill post again with the more detailed build in a bit. Heres a couple of pictures of the finished product.

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Heres the controller we used, mounted in the side wall where we are planning on putting the chairs

coming into the controller box is a multi colored 4 wire that goes to the LEDs and 12v power

currently we have it connected to just a standard 12v power brick to make it easier to fix if something goes wrong.

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That looks really nice! I'm impressed at just how nice that ended up!
same here! i could not be more pleased. The RGB function is awesome the controller has tons of modes and effects it can do. pretty awesome controller! I want to try and record a video of the lights changing and the modes.
can you give me the info on where you got that controller and setup? I haven't seen that style - only the remotes etc
sure! took me a while to find this because i was really set on a wall mount controller to control the LEDs. i found this one from oracle for 70$ and just wasn't able to speand that on a controller so i kept looking and found a generic one from US LED supply. Its identical to the oracle one and works great. best part is it was 25$
here are some of the links



the setup is rather simple:

12volt=====controller(output to LED 4 wire)======splitter=====LED runs

the power supply i am using is similar to a PC charging cable as in it just plugs into a wall outlet i put in. decided to do this to allow upgrades or repairs without needing to kill a breaker.

the controller uses a screw in terminal, making it super easy to connect.

the only thing i had to some what change is I soldered a connecter to the 4 wire to allow me to connect to the splitter.

everything else uses 4 pin connecters and all can be unplugged if need be.
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So the LED runs are powered by the output of the controller?

I need quite a few feet - wonder how I can add more power along the runs without losing the wall control
Yes that's correct the 12v comes out of the controller and powers the LEDs. How many feet are you needing. The controller can handle quite a few meters of lights
And FYI I have through this project become educated on LEDs so if you guys have any questions. Ask away!
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