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I do not subscribe to cable, so I have arranged my home theater setup so that I can get other content onto the big screen and off my computer. I use the Apple TV to host movies, music, and rentals. I also use Boxee installed on Apple TV to stream .avi movies and other web content. I watch Hulu alot, but more on the computer as I have not found a way to get it on the TV. I was thinking about connecting the computer to the TV with a DVI - HDMI cable, and just use the TV as a monitor to watch this content. I do not know the quality of the video through this setup.

I am wondering what other innovative configurations have people developed to watch "other" content than cable on the TV. Please comment.

My setup:

Pioneer Kuro 500M (just ordered this, can't wait!)

Earthquake Sound, Surround System with sub

DVD Player

Older Pioneer reciever, without HDMI inputs (my next purchase after I pay off the TV)

Apple TV

Macbook Pro
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