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About to get the home theater thing going on.......and I'm kind of a newbie.

Considering the following 5.1 setup to go with the TC-P54G20 Panasonic Plasma.....

All Aperion Audio stuff........

Intimus 4T Towers

Intimus 5C Center

Intimus 5B Bookshelf

Bravus IIa 8D Sub

Initially I had considered a 7.1 system, but an Aperion rep said:

"The room is not really large enough for a 7.1 system as the rear channels need to be placed behind the main listening position.

Since the room is oriented in a diagonal position relative to the TV, I would just go with a 5.1 system.

The majority of movies are still recorded in 5.1 so there is no benefit with a 7.1"

You guys agree?

Also, I would need something to power all of this..........

These were recommended by the same rep.......Kinda leaning for towards the 2312 as it is a bit cheaper being last years model. But am interested in your thoughts.

Marantz 6006

Denon AVR-2312CI (last year)

Denon AVR-2313CI (this year)

Onkyo TX-NR709

Yamaha RX-A820

Thanks guys,


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From your room layout there might still be a way to go 7.1 if you want to since you do have some room from the couch to the rear of the room. I have a 7.1 in a wide open Great Room/Kitchen combo that works pretty well but you do have to deal with the room environment itself. I too am looking at the Aperion speaker line as an option but since I am months away from being able to test them out, I cannot help you with the sound of them (which is really up to your ears anyway). What sounds great to me might be too forward or laid back to you...too boomy or too thin...to bright or too veiled..etc.

The difference betweed 5.1 and 7.1 can be quite an experience so don't leave it out as an option with your room length.
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