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Home Theater Setup

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Hello All,

I have recently inherited home theater equipment for my house. I have never owned any prior and I am looking for advice/tips on the best setup. The equipment includes: Denon AVR-X4000, 2 Definitive Technologies Mythos Ten’s, Klipsch RP-450C, 2 Klipsch-140SA’s, 2 Martin Logan EFX Electrostatic On Wall Speakers, Definitive Technologies Supercube 6000, ADCOM GFA-555 and the ADCOM GFA-565SE. I am looking for help on the best setup with this equipment. My living room is part of a “great room” with the main area being 22’(tv wall) x 11’ (from the tv to the main listening position). Behind my main listening position (a 3 seat couch, is an additional wide open space of an extra 20’ x 40’. Thanks for the help.
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