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Home Theater Stores in the Greater Philadelphia Area?

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Are there any left? Aside from Best Buy, I mean. Bryn Mawr Stereo was gobbled up by Tweeter, which subsequently died. Circuit City is gone (not that it was ever all that great to begin with...). I'm trying to find an actual home theater store in the area to go look at TVs in a NON "big box store" setting where people actually have half a clue what they're talking about. My folks and (come the spring) I are both in the market for new TVs.

Anyone got any stores they can recommend?
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Sure, there are the 3 HiFi House locations that are good. Another is Main Line Sound and Vision in Wayne. Other than that, pickings are slim.
Cool, thanks for the tip. We might not end up buying from these places, but I'd at least like to see a representative picture rather than a "torch mode" big-box-store picture, ya know? Anyway, thanks again for the recommendations. If anyone else can think of other places they'd recommend, feel free to share 'em.
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World Wide Stereo is on Rte 309 in Montgomeryville (and I think also somewhere on the Main Line) and there's also Ed's TV (but they no longer sell plasmas) further north on 309 in Hatfield. As for the Hi-Fi House chain, there's one in Wilmington, DE on Rte 202 S and then there's another hi-end A/V shop on 202 N essentially across the street from the Hi-Fi House.
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