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i'm wanting to order from monoprice...now...before buying my equipment, and while my contractor is begining to build bookcases/shelves so i can maybe pre-wire...or provide him with the materials he will need to accommodate. therefore, please don't suggest i look at the owners manual(s) cuz i don't have them at this time.

wanting to set up 5.1 (fronts, center, rears), a/v receiver (yamaha 765), sub, blueray. i also have a direct tv hd receiver.....all hdmi compatable.

looks to me like i'll be using an a/v wall plate (dual?) to make things a little neater as well a a gang box for speaker connection with banana clips.

please tell me how many of each type cable i'll need. according to my judgement...i'll need 5 hdmi's ???

am i mistaken or correct???...using the a/v wall plate increases the number of hdmi cables i'll need
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