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Home Theatre Seating - cinematics

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Anyone familiar with cinematicseating home theater seating? I'm looking for seating, but most chairs cost almost as much as a small car.

I just sent them an email and will hopefully get a price.
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The cutsheet on the CM-100, the entry level unit, shows a list price of $1499. All I can say is that I hope their seats are better than their website. Yikes.

Seriously, regardless of price, the seats are pretty wide (wider than Berklines, even, which are typically faulted for being too wide) and they have very high backs, which isn't good for surround sound. I'd keep looking.
Thanks for your feedback!

At 1499 US that's about $2200Cdn + shipping. Multiply that by 6 seats I need and I'm in the small car category again.

After looking at them again I agree with you that the backs a too high.

Looking for seats which are reasonably priced is by far the most difficult tasks for me in this world of home theatre.

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I (and just about everyone else who owns them) probably sound like a broken record, but for budget HT seating, the Berkline 090 is pretty hard to beat in terms of value. I really wanted a set of Cinematechs, but I managed to pick up five 090s in full leather for about the cost of one Cinematech. The 090 is by no means a perfect seat (the width drives me crazy...I couldn't squeeze any inner arms into my rows due to the seats themselves being so wide...designed to handle Americans' ever-expanding posteriors), but it's pretty good...at about US$580-600/seat for the leather/vinyl match, the price is far below the typical HT seating options (the Cinematechs I was looking at ran US$4000/seat).
Check out Barcalounger Premier series. I think I can get them for about $1200 each and they are motorized!
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