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Home Thtr + zones (Onkyo &/or Sonos)

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Not sure this is correct form but lets try . .

- Sound v important to me but need flexibility more.

- Setup: mid 70's House . Very Small room for HT, wired speakers throughout house and outside. at least 3 zones not incl HT. Wire to speakers land in two separate areas of house (one near set near HT area) . .

Looking at an Onkyo RZ630. Will focus on a 5.1 setup for HT and use balance for additional zones. Was going to connect a Sonos Amp to the receiver and use that as base for another zone or two.

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yes, it will work. I haven't tried the "works with sonos" capability. But I am familiar with Sonos. It is the gold standard for music-over-wifi.

However, the Onkyo is also enabled for Play-fi. you can get a play-fi Pre-amp for ~$30 ( = to Sonos connect(349)) or a play-fi pre-amp/amp combo for ~100-200( klipsch power gate or a polk unit)

HEOS is also very good if you decide to go with a Denon or Marantz unit.

Good luck
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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