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An Audio System that Spares No Expense

When you spend $200,000 on audio cable, you know you're in a whole new league.

When the owner of this home theater decided on having an audiophile-grade system, he went all outto the tune of more than a million dollars.

The room consists of super-high-end Wilson Audio loudspeakers, FM Acoustics amplifiers, a Meridian surround processor and DVD player, a Halco preamplifier, dCS SACD transport and digital-to-audio converter, ReQuest Multimedia hard drive servers, about $200,000 worth of Transparent Audio cable, and a Faroudja D-ILA (direct-drive image light amplifier) video projector and processorand those are just the highlights.

It's nothing like I've experienced, and I've been in the business 25 years, says audio/video installer Don Krasen of Krystal Clear Audio-Video. To say this system is powerful is a huge understatement. FM Acoustic amps can pump out 350 watts into 8 ohms of impedance and almost 900 into 2 ohms of impedance, and the Wilson loudspeakers will go down to 3 ohms, according to Krasen.

To see what else is in this million-dollar installation, check out http://www.electronichouse.com/artic...es_no_expense/
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