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There are thousands of phenomenal dolby digital 5.1 tracks,

but I wanted to give a special nod to the quality on Blood : The last vampire.

It's not a sonic tour-de-force per se, however it delivers

a level of crispness and impact that I find aurally delicious. There is no colon cleaning levels of bass, but

it is definitely "gorilla-punch in the chest" calibur.

The soundstage has a squeaky clean openess to it, in fact I would've assumed in a heartbeat that it was a DTS track if I were to have walked into a room without any prior knowledge of the disc.

I'm just so impressed with the sense of environment that the track conveys even without heavy use of the surround stage. It's like an aural version of a vertical lawn sprinkler - it seems to wash over you without leaving you soaked. Truly a full and efflorescent presentation.

Often times when something is sonically "felt" in a track it is in reference to bass, in Blood there are scenes where the higher frequencies inflict their own physical affects; for example the scene where the heroin swings with

her sword to strike the creature, the creature attempts to

use a medicine cabinet as a shield, the blow from the sword

violently slices/ricochets off the metal cabinet and strikes the creature in the arm - everytime I witness this

scene my skin gets goose bumps; the blade tearing across metal and then flesh makes me think : "damn that must have

cut to the white meat". It makes me wince just thinking about it. Granted nothing extravagant on a whole, but sometimes it's the seemingly passe elements that prove the

most effective.

The intriguing story and short running time make Blood the home theater version of a "sampler" booth for foods or sauces that can be found in malls and supermarkets - small

portions that taste great and leave you wanting more.

Again, it doesn't have bass that will bend time and space,

but it's enough to impress, and as I've already alluded, the crux of the disc's oh-so-sweet sonic nature can be credited to the skillfull mastering of the higher frequencies.

So you want to sonically impress a friend while also providing an engaging story? - with something he more than likely has never seen or even heard of? - but have less than two hours to do it in? - then allow me to nominate Blood : The last vampire as a candidate for consideration.

As any current or ex-ICOC'er knows:

"keep it brief and powerful"

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You might want to post this in the Digital Software Discussion and Reviews section of AVS. This is the section for speakers and you'll be sure to get more feedback there.
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