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Hook Up Help: Optical Audio In Wall Install

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I'm looking to install an optical audio connection between my pc and tv. Prob. is they are in seperate rooms and I would like to keep it like this. So I would like to install an in-wall optical audio connection for my PC's audio output straight to my receiver.

This is what I'm having trouble with: I thought there was a wall plate out there that was modular. I'm looking for one that has an optical audio connection on both ends and will act as a pass-through. 1st what is it called? I've been looking for 2 weeks now.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

This may help:

Also this is an overall plan of what I want to do:

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holy... i swear i looked there about 5 times. thanks!
hmmm..... looks like i can take that one you show and mod it to have a PC input (VGA connection). looks like this may be the closest i'll get to it. thanks!
Look through the wall plates on http://www.partsexpress.com/wall-pla...TOKEN=98786028 maybe you could mix and match the decora plates.

Maybe do a double box with a decora VGA and the toslink with the component in the spot next to it. or just use a pass through and forget the wall plate conection all together. PC to component

Ha! Did a google search for "Toslink wallplate" (why didnt i do THAT before

and got this:


I'll end up doing what you say w00lly. I'll get this plate and add 1 Toslink adapter and 1 USB 2.0. WooT!!
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