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Hooking audio devices to TV-- help!

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Right now we have a Panasonic TV with lots of various inputs on the back. I'm trying to hook up an audio device to play through the TV's speakers, using RCA cables, but it seems to insist that I have the yellow video cable in, too, and something transmitting across it. It works to just plug the yellow into my VCR and power it on, so I get a blue screen on the TV, but is there any other workaround for this? Any way to fool it into thinking it's receiving a video signal? Or is this just a limitation to playing something through TV speakers?

The device I'm trying to play though the TV is the digital lifestyle outfitter's HomeDock Deluxe for the iPod. You can either navigate the iPod menus through an on-screen menu on the TV screen (the sound works fine when this is hooked up, because it's getting the video signal from the yellow cable) but it also has a mode that allows you to control the iPod from its own menu, and have it play through speakers. This is when I get no sound; no video signal is being transmitted, so the TV just acts like nothing is happening. It would be a huge pain to have to unhook the yellow cable from the back of the homedock and plug it into my VCR every time, just to get a video signal pushed through, for the sound to come on...

Thanks for your help. My husband doesn't know much about a/v stuff, and I'm afraid I don't understand this well enough to get much from my internet search attempts.
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There is no way that I know of to accomplish what you are trying to do. May I ask why you would want to listen to your ipod thru tv speakers? Does your stereo have aux inputs? It would sound so much better.
The purpose of the HomeDock is to be able to navigate the iPod's menu on the TV screen via remote, so the video cable, at least, has to be hooked up through the TV. I'm sure it would sound better through other speakers, but my stereo doesn't have RCA inputs-- just speaker wire. I've had trouble finding cheap powered speakers that use RCA instead of speaker wire. Most of the ones I find seem to be for computers and use a min-plug instead.

Really, I'm not at all concerned about great-quality sound. I've got two toddlers running around here screaming all day long :) What I wanted to be able to do was flip the homedock towards my kitchen and control the music through the ipod when I'm working in there and don't have a line of sight to the TV to use the TV menu. Then I could flip it back in the other direction for when I wanted to use the TV menu. I was hoping there was an easier solution...

Any suggestions in that vein? What kind of price range am I looking at for (smallish?) powered speakers that take RCA inputs? I'm the kind of person for whom the TV speakers sound just great, so my standards for sound quality are pretty low.

Thanks for your help. I'm glad to know there is no way to do what I originally had in mind. I can stop thinking about it now!
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There are adaptors which will let you hook up your ipod station to powered computer speakers. I'm sure your local radio shack has one.
OK, I think I understand... female mini plug to male RCA?

Thank you!
That is correct.
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