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Hooking up a Cyberhome 1600 to a Motorola DCT6412

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I have a Comcast Motorola Digital Cable box (HDTV/DVR), model DCT6412. Last month I bought a Cyberhome 1600 DVD Recorder. I am trying to hook the 2 up to a new Zenith 23" LCD TV that I got. The TV has 2 Component Inputs, an S-Video input, and a DVI input.

I currently have the DVR hooked up to the TV to the Component 1 input using component video cables (RGB). What I want to be able to do is to archive recordings that I make on the DVR, but I can't seem to find any information on the correct way to hook it up. I have seen another thread in this forum talking about the 1600 being used on a DCT6412, so I know it can be done.

If anyone has done this and can shed some light on it for me, I'd appreciate it.


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If you are using the Component Outs from the DVR to hook up to the TV, simply use the s-video or composite outs to hook up to the DVD recorder. If there is only one set of audio outs (analog, not digital) get a couple of y-splitters available from any electronics retailer.

If your DVR has a specific set of "VCR OUT" jacks, hook your DVD recorder to that instead. Some DVR's, if enabled by your cable provider, will allow you to send one program to the video recording device of your choice while allowing you to simultaneously watch a different program.
I don't think that I can split anything coming out. I already have the Composite Video hooked up to the TV. I need to know how to get the DVD recordere in the mix so I can watch something that I recorded on the DVR and, at the same time, record it to the DVD. Hooking it up the way you suggested would force me to watch one input or the other, unless I'm completely missing what you suggested.

I appreciate your response and time. I know that others on this forum have the same equipment, so I was hoping for a more detailed answer as it pertained to my setup.

Thanks again for the help,

The Motorola DCT6412 III has a variety of outputs on the back, HDMI, Component, Composite, S-Video and Firewire.

If you want to record every thing you see on the cable box, you need to send the DVD Recorder a 480i signal, regardless of what channel you are watching. The S-Video or Composite video outputs provide this. You cannot record in High Definition with a home DVD recorder, period.

If you want the "best" signal the Motorola box can provide to your digital TV you should use either the HDMI (if your monitor supports this), or the Component video outputs. If you have a modern TV, and it sounds like you do, then it must have more than one input. You can connect the output of your DVD Recorder/Player to one input on the TV, and the Cable Box to the other input. Don't forget that with all hookups ((other than firewire and HDMI) you will need audio cables in addition to the video cables. Since the signal is fed through separate cables to the DVD recorder and the TV, the TV does not have to be on to make a recording.
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Just hook the DVR to the tv via the DVI or component1 input.

Next hook the 1600 up to the component2 on your tv.

Then use the SVHS out on the DVR to the SVHS input on the 1600 recorder. For the audio you will need to get a y-splitter (as mentioned above) to hook to the audio out on the DVR box. (1 male RCA to 2 female RCA)

Now just hook one set of audio cables from the DVR to the tv and the other set to the audio in on the 1600.
That's exactly what I did, and it works now. I guess I was over-complicating it in my head. On the 1600 recorder, I just had to make the input source be the S-Video (which emcompassed the S-Video in and the Audio In).

Thanks for all of the help.

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