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Hooking up Aura Bass Shakers question

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I ordered a pair of bass shakers (25w) w/o aura amp and wondering how I would hook them to my Denon 2802 receiver. I should be receiving them next week and my svs 25-3PC also. Anyways, I know I can use LFE but wouldn't I need a external amp. Whats the best way I can hook them up to my receiver?

I was thinking of putting the pair in series to make them @ 8 ohms and maybe hook them up to my back surround channel (which isnt being used). Personally I can no clue and im a newbie to HT.

Newbie question, If their in a series @ 8 ohms, would that make them 12.5watts rms? since @ 4 ohms it was 25watts rms.. Not sure..
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Your best bet is to spilt the sub out and buy an external amp. I just bought a plate amp and built a box for it. I bought it from adire audio.
You can do it one of two ways.

You can wire each bass shaker in series with each of your front speakers so that you have a 12 ohm load to your amp (assuming your front speakers are 8 ohms). This way works ok, but you don't have any seperate control over the shakers, and they may or may not give enough oomph at a given sound volume. I tried this and the shakers I used were under driven.

The best way is to get anothet amp, and take the lfe chanell out of you DD amp and use that as the input to one of the channels on the shaker amp (left input for CD for instance). Then any low frequencies are directed to the shaker amp in the same way they are to a sub, and you get seperate control so you can get the best effect from the shakers without affecting the main speaker volume.

If you wire them into the rear channels, they will only work when the rears are used, which probably wouldn't synchronise much with the action etc on screen. You can always try the first option and rear speaker option just to see what the results are like, as it won't cost you anything.


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I have bought both, with and without the amp.

I found the amp to bulky as the connections are on both sides of the unit. They also look like a cheap toy.

I got rid of the Aura amps, added a y-connector at the sub, and went to a separate amp under an end-table where I sit. From there, I ran one channel to the couch where my wife sits and one to the loveseat where I sit. As my wife doesn't like quit as much vibration on her fanny, I turned the balance more towards me.

Total contoll!

The best investment I have made for under a $100.
thx.. any suggestions what really cheap amp i should buy and where? partsexpress has a 110 watts RMS into 8 ohms/156 watts RMS into 4 ohms plate amp but would that overpower my shakers? cant find any cheaper amp too buy... i also may just buy one more pair of bass shakers.
I am just using an old(probably 20 years) 100W x 2 JVC amp I had laying around.

Buy something used for $50 or so.

I think the Shakers are 4 Ohm so you will have to wire 2 of them in Series to get 8 Ohms.

The Rated Watts for each would stay the same.
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