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I didn't know where else to put this, so I am putting this question here.

I bought a Phillips HTS 3565D a couple days ago. I hooked it up to my Hitachi 57" HDTV just fine. When I play a DVD using the included Phillips DVD player it is awesome, great loud sound. The problem is when I just watch regular TV or try playing Guitar Hero: World Tour, the sound is really low. I have to crank up the receiver to almost full blast just to get a moderate sound.

For example, last night watching a movie on the system, I couldn't turn it up past 15 (out of 40) without it being too loud for me. However, while playing GH:WT (or just watching TV) I have to crank it to at least 30 (afraid to go higher than that becaues I don't want to burn it out) to really even hear it (and it's still no where near as loud as watching a movie on 15).

Everything is currently hooked up using the red,yellow,white hookups.

Are there any simple solutions to this problem?

This site wouldn't let me post a link to the system, but all you got to do is go to Amazon and type Phillips HTS3565D.
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