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Hooking up Question

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I wanted your input on how I can hook up the home theater components

1. I have a HDTV with HDMI input & 3 component input (Pannasonic 47X54)

2. I have HD cable box (Comcast cable)

3. HTPC (With FX5200 video card & WinTV 250 MCE PVR)

4. Receiver (1 optical & 2 coaxial inputs)

How can i connect these components with least connections?

I want to route the output of HD cable box through HTPC (Is it possible to route HD signals with the present Hauppauge Card?)

Then I want to connect HTPC out to the TV (The HTPC has DVI out and my HDTV has HDMI?)

Any help is appreciated as I also need to buy necessary cables.

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