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Hookup - Amps

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Hooking up two of these Crown amps this weekend, one for my fronts, one for my surround L/R, (going to keep the rest straight from my Denon 2807).

So, I got my XLR adapters, and I just want to double check...I assume I go from the Denon's pre-outs to the Crown's inputs via the XLR adapter and basic audio red/white cables right?

Also, I've always used bare wire connections to speakers, so I have no clue on the speaker output. Can I / should I still use bare wire, or is there another connection device/method?

Help is appreciated! Thanks.
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Your method would be correct for connecting the amps to the preouts on the Denon.

Connecting speakers bare wire works fine. Terminations like banana plugs, spades and pins offer convenience and prevent the copper wire from oxidizing or creating shorts from stray wires touching other wires, but will not improve sound quality in any way.
If the amp will take dual bananas I highly recommend them both as a convenience and to help reduce the likelihood of shorting the connections. Radio Shack has some good ones for a reasonable price.
or just read the instruction manual for the wiring and get your self two speakons connector both ways are ok, as long you keep the sparks or smoke inside the wire because when you start to see one or the other the box is broken
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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