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Hope I made the right decision...dropping Hopper for X1.

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My install from Comcast isn't scheduled until Friday and I'm hoping I have made the right decision. I have been with Dish for a couple years, having 2 hoppers and 3 Joey's. While the Primetime Anytime feature was great, it was also a bother when it conflicted trying to record non network channel shows during the primetime hours. My wife also found it all difficult to use, having swapped from being long time DTV customers. Even after a couple years, she still doesn't like Dish; so the unhappy wife does play a part in this decision.

While the massive recording capacity of having 2 hoppers has been great, the X1 seems to make that irrelevant with the top 100 shows being available on demand. My rose colored glasses vision is that this will dramatically cut down on the need to record shows.

I have 6 tv's that I will be supplying with one X1 DVR and 5 X1 HD platforms. With the ability to watch so much on demand, I'm hoping this won't lead to too many dvr conflicts. Anyone have experience with that?

And of course, there was a financial incentive. In the mix, I am able to double my internet speed up to 105Mpbs, get HBO and Showtime free for two years, and will be spending about $50 less per month. By the time my contract ends, I'm sure the market will have changed again.

Am I about to go off a cliff, or am I making a good move?
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