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The space I can fill for the screen is exactly 70" wide x 55" tall. My options seem to be:

4:3 Around 70"x50"

16:9 Aroun 70"x40"

Now the question:

Although the screen will be used for mostly television viewing, of course it's main mission in life is widescreen DVD (via S-video). It's an LCD projector with power zoom/focus that will accomidate any width from 50-75" given the throw distance.

I'd prefer to make a 16:9 screen for aesthetics. I don't mind seeing white empty space on the sides when watching TV (and maybe I'll make masking panels, certainly easier to make vertical ones than horizontal). That means that when watching TV I'd zoom the projector to about 53" wide, and for DVD watching I'd zoom it back to the full 70" wide. Now the question:

I've never used a projector, and I'm hoping this is simple and easy: Beyond using the zoom/focus, would I need to physically adjust the unit up or down to accomidate this change? I plan to mount the projector at ceiling height and the top of the screen is basically right at the ceiling.

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