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I originally posted this in the RPTV area, but I guess it really belongs here:


I had this all set up and working great a couple years ago.

Then I had to move twice, and the computer sat for a year or so, while the TV got some use just with a cable box.

My set up is an ATI AIW 8500, along with a MyHD MDP100 in a home theater PC, which I have connected to a Mits 48313 RPTV, using the ATI dongle, and a breakout cable for VGA to RGB. I've tried it directly out from the dongle, or like I used to with the MyHD loopback cable.

Was all working great with Karnis' custom timings using Powerstrip for several resolutions. TV still looks great with DVDs and HD as source.

Now I've finally settled into a new place with the space to set this all up again.

The computer is working fine, and I can get a stable image on the TV screen with no significant overscan, especially at some lower resolutions. Even 1776x1000 and 1920x1080 look ok with the PC desktop. But now I have some annoying scan lines/bands moving up the screen, usually darker bands, but some light too. Remote monitoring of the HTPC on a computer screen looks fine). Tweaking the timing doesn't seem to help. I tried reloading all the custom timings, updating ATI catalyst, etc, but nothing helps.

Any ideas what would be causing the bands? They are not there with the cable box, or any other input. I thought this could be due to some kind of interference from electric lines, but after moving the cable, it doesn't help remove the bands at all.

What else could be causing the banding?

Would using something like the Audio Authority 9A60 be any help?

Not sure how that would connect, I guess DVI from the 8500 to DB15, plug that into the 9A60, then component to the TV?

Thanks for any ideas,

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