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horizontal lines in s-video feed

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I have a benq 6200 ceiling mounted mounted. I am using a 4m monster 2 cable to a leviton patch panel. From there I run s-video over cat-5 cable for 18 ft to the projector and then a short patch cable to the projector. I am getting horizontal lines that travel from the bottom of the screen to the top. I have changed sources and all cables and connectors and I cannot eliminate the nosie.

Has anyone seen this before and/or know how I could correct it. I have thought about getting shielded cat-5 but I don't know if that will help.

I don't have and noise if I just use the monster cable to the dvd player for testing.
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"I don't have and noise if I just use the monster cable to the dvd player for testing."

There's your solution.
Um yeah I realize that. Let me be more specific. As a test I held my dvd player in the air using that cable. It is obviously not long enough to go through the ceiling that way. I was just narrowing it down to s-video over cat-5. Now I want to know if people have seen that type of noise and how I can correct it.
I still think your cable path has too many patches. Try one good long cable.

You have found the cause of your problem.

I use a 9 foot run after deciding that there was a better looking image with the shorter run. My equipment and PJ are behind the seating area. The PJ is 12 feet from the screen and the seats are 10 feet. All Equipment is below (and slightly further back from) the PJ.

Had I need to make a long run to the PJ from the back of our HT I would still prefer it this way as the audience doesn't need to see what is making the picture and sound happen (IMO).

I hope you find a solution to your problem.
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When you are holding your DVD player in the air... must be fun watching a movie like that...:).... where is it getting its power from? Is this the same place that it gets its power from when you are in your "problem mode"? I suspect not. If the powering is from two different places, then it is likely / possible that you have the "common" ground problem which typically doesn't matter what kind of signal cables are involved as it is associated with the power / cabling. Look at "ground loop" problems for a solution.
Lots of people have had that problem. Search: "video hum" , "ground loop" , "isolation transformer".

I'm guessing the problem is the patch panel.

Eliminating the culprit equipment is the "best" way to eliminate it, but often impractical. An isolation transformer can eliminate the problem.

(don't ask me where to buy... I dunno yet... I'll be buying one soon... I get this from my cable box)
I get this from my DBS box too. I've tried shorter cables and better cables but nothing seems to fix it. It's on the same outlet as the rest of my gear and I don't get it in anything else. I've tried different outlets too.


It does come and go. I've tried to relate it to when the dishwasher is on, or the washing machine, but it's not the case.

Doesn't really bother me too much cause I don't watch a whole lot of TV. I just cross my fingers and hope that I can watch the ball game without distraction.

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mattsushiba... try a 2 /3 prong conversion plug. It usually is a "cheap temporary fix". Cleared up a problem that I had with my X1. I suspect it will also help Joker... out with his problem.
Ground loop is one of the commonest problems brought up here at AVS. Perhaps ground loop is your problem.

You have gotten ground loop advice already. You might want to do a search (use the "Crawler" setting in search options) as there are many threads on this topic.
I have that same problem, its driving me insane. I don't know what to do...
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