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Trying to help out my stepson.

He has a Westinghouse (low end) 42 inch tv. Has an Xbox hooked up via composite or RCA jacks.

There is Time Warner Cable in the house but it NO DIGITAL BOX.

TV works fine, gets analog channels and some cable provided digital channels that the tv recognizes which is nice (on a budget).

However, if he puts the tv into video or whatever mode for his Xbox, you will see scrolling horizontal bands about 2 inches wide that scroll up the screen. Remove coax for tv and banding goes away.

Not sure if this is due to lack of a digital box that might filter the coax better, or perhaps poor separation of input devices via tv electronics, or some sort of interference elsewhere.

Any ideas appreciated especially from people who have experienced this. Perhaps it is as simple as "that is the way it may be on some TV's until you add the digital box".


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