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House of 1000 corpses

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Any one see this zombie film.

To me, Zombies are the most horrible and scary of all fictional creatures.

WSR mag rates the picture and sound as excellent.

No word on the story.........Anyone see it?
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You should check out this thread started about a month ago:

Missed that thread. Thanks!

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it's not a zombie film. you might have pulled that up in the back of your brain from the director's name, rob zombie.
Originally posted by thebland
To me, Zombies are the most horrible and scary of all fictional creatures.
I haven't seen H1000Z, but your post is interesting. I USED to think that zombies were scary, until some time in the last decade or so when zombie movies stopped even trying to be scary and instead became adrenaline-fueled, heavily-armed war movies.

It's hard to put a finger on when it all started (Evil Dead 2, maybe?), but the pattern is all the same (a pattern started by Aliens): first half of the film displays the zombie problem and inserts occasionally a few jump scares. Then about half-way or 2/3 through, you have the obligatory scene of the fed-up cast arming themselves (Schwarzenegger style) with enough weapons and ammunition to bring down a small country. Then someone (usually the hot tomboy female) says something like "let's kick some zombie A". And it's at this point when the flick stops being scary and turns into some kind of action violence revenge flick aimed at 13 year olds who dream of wielding automatic weapons.

Now, que the techno/rock/punk/rap music. Doesn't matter which. And we sit back and watch the cast systematically go through and blow zombies to pieces until there's some big explosion/fire to end the madness. Sure, one or two won't make it when s/he is eaten by a zombies after (somehow) running out of ammo, or getting stuck in a corner or something. But there's never any doubt that they will prevail.

And that's the key right there: the people fighting back against the zombies aren't scared anymore, so we have no reason to be either. There's no more tension.

I swear it's true. There's actually another zombie flick called House of the Dead coming out that looks EXACTLY THE SAME. Watch the trailer on the link and see! And it's not just zombie movies.

To be fair: I have not seen 28 Days Later, so maybe it is more original.
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it's not a zombie film. you might have pulled that up in the back of your brain from the director's name, rob zombie.
Crap! I am a major zombie fan but there are only a couple movies that ever did them justice (Dawn of the Dead and Night of the Living Dead).

I did see a Zombie film as a kid that was pretty good, "Night of the Zombie'. It was marketed as being bannded in 28 countries. It was released around 1982 or there abouts.

I am not sure if it ever made it to video (let alone DVD). I would love to find it but always come up fruitless with the various search engines.

Kevin, you are right. Most directors have killed what menacing, scary behavior zombies have been known to have. It is too bad because they are a scary entity.

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I don't think any zombie movie or "set" will beat out the Romero trilogy,

but Resident Evil, a recent example, is very good even though it's

not a "pure" zombie movie. I've also seen a some other zombie movies

whose names escape me that weren't bad - besides the comedic

Return of the Living Dead series. I never "got into" the Evil Dead series.

I'm looking forward to 28 Days Later.

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Even with a lot of reviews that didn't like Resident Evil, I watched it originally with no preconceived notions and thoroughly enjoyed the movie. In fact, it has had high replay value at my house, great sound and picture, and Milla, what can you say :)
I watched HO1000C last night. It has great picture and sound quality but the movie itself isnt that great.

As far as Zombie movies go, Romero is the king. Resident Evil was good. But one of my favorites is Return of the Livind Dead. It had gore, humor, naked chicks, and some good frights! What else could you want from a Zombie flick?
If you like the cheesy 70's psyho gang movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Don't Look In The Basement and Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things, it's worth a rental. I love those old stink bombs, and always spring for the awful 15 dollar "Vault of Horror" type compilations. These movies transcend rotten picture quality and audio to the point that if they were restored, it would detract from them because they're supposed to look cheap.

I think Rob Zombie likes these too, because I felt just like I was watching one of them.

I thought the menu's on 1000 Corpses were pretty clever.

Someone mentioned House of the Dead. This is actually a movie based on a video game that's based on zombie movies. That should pretty mauch say it all right there.

It's a low budget piece of crap, but hopefully in a good way.
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Since a few people are talking about zombie movies in general, I recommend Return of The Living Dead.

It's an early 80's movie with some great scares, visuals and humor. That's my pick for best zombie movie ever.
I remember my father taking me and my brothers to see Night of the Living Dead in 1961. I was 6-years-old. My father didn't use great judgment. It scared the piss out of me (and my older brothers). Mom was none too pleased.

I am looking forward to the DVD release of 28 Days Later. I am inviting my father over. Can you say "Payback".

I was 6 in 1961 too, but NOTLD was made in 1967 and came out in 1968.

Your parents probably weren't the only ones "surprised". NOTLD

came out 1 month before the MPAA ratings started being used


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Walls...you are right on with ROTLD. It's AWESOME. And being originally from Kentucky (but NOT Louisville), it made it even better when they blew Louisville off the map.

ROTLD is a perfect example of a zombie movie done right: the cast was in perpetual danger, had limited resources to survive, and the whole thing was pretty damn gory and funny.

As far as Resident Evil is concerned, I do have the superbit version, and I respect the visuals and the audio especially. But as a zombie film, it really sucks. It's the worst offender in the zombie-turned-revenge featuring semi automatic weapons-flick.

To be fair: I have not seen 28 Days Later, so maybe it is more original.
While I would not call it a great movie this did have some origional ideas and execution... Being low budget alloed them to take chances that a bigger production would not have... The 'empty streets' shots of London are kinda creepy in an unexpected way also.
The church scene creeped me out in 28 days later, but this is not a zombie movie like ROTLD and the like. I like Rob Zombie's concerts better than his movie, but still not bad for a 1st.
Im not really sure that Res. Evil really is a "zombie" movie. Theres a lot more going on in that movie than just the walking dead. But I thought it was a well done movie non the less.

Since we are on the zombie run now I have to ask if any of you guys liked the remake of NOTLD? I for one enjoyed it quite a bit. It had just enough of a plot change to make the whole story enjoyable again. And of course the effects were pretty darn good!
The remake of NOTLD was ok. I enjoyed it also. The Dawn of the Dead

remake will most likely be enjoyable too. It's really hard to make

an original zombie or horror movie, for that matter, theses days.

What hasn't been done? :)


watched it 4 days ago

Great disc, nice sound etc

But the fulm outwears it's welcome 10 minutes in

I was just plain bored

Scary it is not

and like you I really do like zombie movies

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Aw, Rob, you're just a kid! :D


Actually, regardless if you like H1000C or not, you have to admit

that the attention to set/props/etc detail is incredible. Especially

Dr. Satan's lair.
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