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We have just bought a house thats wired for surround sound. I opened a volume control box in a room and it has 4 wires, 2 right and 2 left, along with what appears to be a board with an amplifier. There are 2 speakers in each room.

I then looked at the wall plate where the receiver is supposed to connect in. The wall plate has only 2 connections. When I opened it, I noted that each of the 2 connections has 3 wires connected to it. Seems like a mix of green, white, red and black.

Does anyone know what sort of connection I have from what I have described? Does the fact that my wall plate have only 2 connections, mean that I will not have stereo sound? What does having just 2 input connections mean? What outputs on the audio reciever do I connect to these two inputs in the wall plate, since there is such a selection in the back?

Thanks for your help.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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