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How about a really tough one,question,that is ? lol

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Hi guys

This is a real tough one and with my quite limited English,things are even tougher lol Anyway,i will try to explain the situation as much better as i can,therefore,i will stick only to the equipment that i believe matters here.

Pre-amplfier : Jeff Rowland Synergy 2i

A/V Amplfier : Denon AVR-5805 (AVC A1xv in Europe)

Subwoofers : A pair of velodyne HGS-18

Until now,i've been using one sub for music (connected through the second pre-outs of the "sybergy")and the other sub (Through the denon's lfe outputs) for movies.

I am planning to purchase the velodyne SMS-1 digital equlization unit and perhaps (if connections permit) use both subwoofers for music and movies without losing the Denon's odyssey equalization features. I know you probably don't understand what i am trying to do,therefore,i will say it the way i see it.

Imagine the sms-1 have twin sub imputs,One pair will receive the outputs from synergy pre-amp and drive the subs for music,the second pair of imputs,will receive the outputs from the denon and drive the subs for movies.This can be done only if the sms-1 has a switch to select sub imputs and since the hgs-18 have 2 xlr outputs,one will go to sms-1 imput A and the other to sms-1 imput B , then using the hypothetical "imput selector" on the sms-1 , i could drive the subs in any way i want. Can this be done ?

Now,to make matters even worse(yes,it can get worse lol) i am planning to add a pair of Clark Sunthesis Platinum tst429 shakers.How can i implement them in the system? what other component will i need (extra power amps etc)? Will i be able to take them out of line if i don't like the effect with music ? food for thought huh ?

Anyway,thanks for your replies and if you need more explanations,i'll be happy to post again.
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The answer to your question would be yes if you can switch between them. I would suggest you post this inquiry on the Velodyne support thread. I'm am certain Curt or Bruce, being that they are familiar with all the features of the SMS 1, can provide you with the correct answer. Good luck!

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