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How are Axiom compared to Pardigm Studio 60's?

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Hello all,

I've decided it's time to replace my old home brew speakers I threw together in college. I've been looking around and I think I've settled on either Paradigm Studio 60's or a complete Axiom Epic 60 system. The Paradigm are significantly more expensive, but I've had a chance to listen and fell in love. Are the Axioms comparable in sound quality?

I also found some new Mirage OM-90's for a great deal, and wonder how those compare. Thank you ahead of time!
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You should really audition them both and decide for yourself. This type of thread can turn ugly really quick, so lets just say they both have their strong points, only you can decide which is better for your ear.

My opinion for the record:

I owned a pair of Axiom M60's, I also auditioned the Studio 60's but ended up purchasing the Studio 100's. Its not really a fair to compare the Axioms to my Studio 100's but they do compare fairly well to the Studio 60's, its really hard as both are good speakers but in the end I give the nod to the Paradigms.

My Equipment:
Harmon Kardon AVR630

Paradigm Studio 100’s Front v3

Paradigm Studio CC-470 Center v3

Paradigm Studio 20’s Surrounds v3

Harmon Kardon DVD-101

2.6gig HTPC W/Audigy2, 7.1, direct coax


Samsung 50†DLP

SVS 20-39 PC+
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mr.fish, you are on the right track. i've heard both and they are both excellent speakers. when i was looking a few years ago i also narrowed it down to these two excellent speakers. in the end i found a pair of psb stratus silver-i on sale and bought them. i haven't looked back since.
You have a good point, I didn't word my post very well. I've also witnessed threads go down hill fast. I suppose ultimately I was wondering if anyone had done a side by side comparisson, not to know which was "better", but where they were similar and where they differed. Thank you for taking the time to add a little more info to the decision I have to make. :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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