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How are LCD PC monitors these days ??

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went to my cousins place yesterday, and he recently bought 15" Sony LCD monitor for his PC (SONY SDM-X52). I always thought that LCDs' response time was too slow that for fast-paced FPS games like Quake3, Unreal Tournament.

Played Quake3 on his setup.... wow, I was impressed!! I couldn't really fault the LCD montor in terms of responsiveness. It was indeed fast enough as far as I could tell.

Of course...in theory, digital displays like LCD or DLP will never have response time of CRT. CRT scan the image in real time as the signal's are input, whereas LCD, and DLP have to wait for entire frame to be scanned in. Even though this is still a case, LCD's reponse time must have been greatly improved! I could not hardly detect any delay.

Has things changed for LCD montors ??

God... I sound old...:(
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Well I picked up a Samsung 191T about a month ago and initially I agreed with games being great. As time has progressed, I've grown to see the ghosting in FPS games and honestly, it IS a bit of an issue to me. It doesn't stop me from playing games on it, but between many games not supporting 1280x1024 and the ghosting issue, it bums me out and I prefer just sending the game over to my CRT. Games that don't support 1280x1024 really are annoying and I can either scale through the vidcard or monitor itself or display natively using less than the whole screen. Neither are ideal. I believe the monitor I bought has a 25ms rating. I also have a DLP projector and though it's kinda freaky for games as well I think it is better than the LCD. I find playing games on the DLP causes eye/brain strain where the LCD doesn't but the LCD doesn't look as good.

I picked up a couple of Philips 150B2 LCDs that look pretty good considering the light leakage. They are the type where you can get stuck off pixels but not stuck ons. Response time is very good.

I use one in the HT as the primary on a dual monitor setup (NEC 6PG projector as secondary monitor). After adjusting the brightness down on the LCD it doesn't stand out as having a totally different light output.

Gamma dithering is quite apparent, though.
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