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So I dont have a 3d Blu-ray player, but I do have my computer connected to my TV which is 3D. To test this out, I ripped Guardians 3D to iso and attempted to play it back, and boy did I have issues.

First, I couldnt even get my TV to recognize that this was a 3D film without first pushing the "3D" button on the playback controls bar . Once I did that, the TV would give me the '3D signal detected' notice on my screen. If I dont push the 3D button while the film is playing, the movie continues as standard 2D. What i'm confused about is how do *I* know this is actually 3D, and not some dumb 2D->3D conversion that PowerDVD itself is doing? The right-click 'information' does not provide any information about this. The rest of you who use powerDVD for 3D, is this how you do it as well? by manually pushing the 3D button on the powerDVD playback controls bar?

Second, once i got this 3d working, I couldn't get PowerDVD to send a 24p signal to my TV unless I 'switched to Cinema mode'. Although I have it set to detect my display automatically, every time I started a movie in 'classic mode', it will not send it in 24p. I have to first switch to Cinema mode, then manually select the type of display I have as HDMI 1.4 compliant 24p for it to work. Is this, again, the normal way to do this?

My reason for asking is that I don't particularly like PowerDVD, but it seems I'm bound to it since Plex refuses to recognize 3D movie files. What I'm concerned about is that I want the pure natural video to be displayed, no additional processing by PowerDVD, or any kind of conversions. That's why I'm asking if i'm doing something wrong
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