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How Big is this screen???

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If someone has 103.5" diagonal 1.85:1 (16x9) screen custom made by Stewart Filmscreen, what is the H and W of it???


-- Cain

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82.8" x 62.1"

Not to sound anal because both of these are so close in size but 16:9 actually equates to 1.78:1, not 1.85:1. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif

The Academy Home Theater
Thx gg....

A 100" 4x3 screen is 80"x60".

For the 103" 16x9 it would be a hare over 90"x50"

90"x50.625" is about 103.26" diagonal.

Is that close enough to 103.5"?

As to splitting hairs...A screen with viewable diagonal of 103.5" has a viewable height of 50.742" and a width of 90.208". Of course there would be black borders beyond the viewing area so the overall screen size would be larger.

Jeff Hipps
Thx again guys.. I grabbed the text from a Web page, I think he meant 16:9 but figured the aspect wrong..

So the screen is roughly 90x50..

Cool, thx,

-- Cain

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