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How bright is the TV3?

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I know the spec is 1200 lumens, but has anyone actually made any measurements pre and post calibration? I searched the TV3 owners thread and came up empty. Thanks!
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I demoed the T3 on Friday (not the plus) had a dealer and it seemed pretty bright on a regular 115" white screen. good color and blacks.
Mine seems plenty bright on a 110" screen.
Does the TV3 has a regular and high brightness mode like other projectors?
from what i have seen, it provides sufficient light output between 100" - 110" diagonal screens (firehawk or studiotek).
I'm trying to figure out how many foot-lamberts I will have based on the size and type of the screens I am looking at. To do that, I would need the lumens the TV3 actually puts out. If it really puts out 1200 lumens, that would be 43 ft-lamberts on a 110" 1.3 gain screen! I don't doubt everyone here when they say their screen is plenty bright, I'm just worried it might be too bright if I pick a screen that is too small.
from what i have seen (i've seen 2 dwin tv3 setups) i highly doubt that the tv3 can put out an actual 1200 lumens. i bet that it is more likely about half of that stated spec. maybe even less after calibration.

the dwin tv3 at 100" diagonal studiotek and 110" diagonal firehawk looked bright but NOT blinding. it was just about right.

a real 1200 lumen projector is VERY bright. the Infocus 7200 measured 900 true lumens and that is considered to be one of the brightest hd2 dlp projector. and i agree. it was almost blinding at 90" diagonal 16:9.

you can always use the eco mode or iris or nd filter if available to take down the brightness if that ever becomes a problem (which i don't think it will be with the tv3).
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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