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I have a very large collection of DVDs and Blu Ray discs.  I am trying to rip them into a portable hard drive to create a home theatre system dedicated to my media content.  When I try to copy my movies the program asks if I wish to copy the entire disc, but they don't seem to copy properly and do not work.  Has anyone used this program to accomplish a full copy including all menu and special features onto their hard drive?  Right now I am copying them, movie only, as mp3 and watching them through my iTunes, but I am willing to watch them through Windows Media Center also once my collection is complete.  I would just like the system to be able to pull up my movies and their special features if included and work them through a remote control.  I am considering using Apple TV as my media player, any other suggestions?


Thanks for any input, I appreciate it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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