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So was thinking about this over the weekend. I have a pre-owned 11.1 Marantz Prepro being shipped to me (8801). Say I got the itch to move to a 9.1 setup (from current 7.1). How the heck does one pull that off in a finished HT room?

In most typical HT rooms, the front LCR is fine because it is against some sort of wall with all of the source gear. Most folks pre-wired in-wall for side surround and even rear surround. And those surrounds are often wall mounted.

The rest of the room is walking space. Now you get the urge to add wide channels. For most that would mean placing towers or bookshelves on stands on the floor in the way of something. In my case I would be blocking the path to the stairs upstairs. Not to mention how the heck do you get the speaker wires out to that 60 degree location without running it on the floor to be tripped over or sticking it to some wall, if a wall is even there (none in my case).

Seems like a challenge for most people to add width channels unless you are in a long deep room surrounded by walls on either side and can hang another set of width channels and you somehow figured out how to get wiring to them.

Front height channels seem easier to pull off as it is easier to install those speakers and run wiring to them since all your gear is probably there.

So for those with 9.1 setups, specifically with width channels added, how did you pull it off ?

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