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Getting down to the short strokes of designing and putting together my new FPTV. Would appreciate recommendations on cabling & DVD player.

The system:



Quadscan Pro or Elite

What DVD player?

Power conditioner for Projector, DVD & Quadscan

Digital Cable Box (SVHS)

Denon AVR 5700, serving as preamp for L/R/C and integrated amp for surrounds

Krell KAV250a/3 power amp for L/R/C

KEF Speakers: Reference 3 for L/R, 200C for center, THX Dipoles for surrounds.

Projector, DVD player, Quadscan and power conditioner will all be located on/in a pedestal cabinet located 16' back, just behind seating area. Digital cable box and amps will be located in front. Figure 25' cable length between the two locations.

Critical cables:

Long SVHS cable from Digital Cable box to Quadscan

Long audio cables from DVD player to Denon

Short cable(s) from Quadscan to projector

Short cable(s)from DVD player to Quadscan

The questions:

What DVD player to use with this? I currently have a Toshiba 2109. Should the new one be progressive or shall I have the Quadscan make the conversion?

Cable recommendations for the critcal cables?

Thank you!

Dan Houck
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