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How do I feed a complete sub signal to a transducer?

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I used to have both subs in the front and they used to get almost the same exact signal so I split the signal for either of them and fed it to the transducers and all was good.

Now, I have one sub in the front and one in the back and they both get fairly different signals the sum of which corresponds to the desired response. Is there a way to feed the sum of both signals to the transducers ?

They are at different distances 4ft and 12 ft.

I thought about buying a bluray player with a sub out but that comes with a different set of issues; mainly the delay and that it only works with blurays.

Purple = back sub

Yellow = Front sub

Blue = Both (What I would like to feed to the transducers)
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Best option seems to be to take the analog sub out signal from a bluray player to feed the transducers. This is a full LFE signal that has not been corrected by any room correction at all, which is what you want for the transducer, which does not need any room correction, since it does not operate in the acoustic domain.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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