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I have tried about 4 Max apps including DVD Fab and LEAOW BlueRayRipper and others
I have tried two different LG drives that say Mac Compatible and DVD-R of 8x
I have tried a Pioneer Drive that is Blu Ray and Standard DVD that says regular DVD-R speeds of 8x

HOWEVER I put in a 90 minute standard DVD and it takes 20-30 Minutes to copy so I am at best getting 3x not 8x

Is this just the best that can be done or do I need to try yet another Drive or other App?

I have about 400 DVD's so increasing the time to be closer to 8x will save me a TON of time

Any and all suggestions welcome


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What you're probably constrained by is something called "riplock." Firmware in the drive purposely put there "as a feature" by manufacturers to slow you down. Back in the day, circa 2004 or so, when ripping dvds and burning to dvd was a big deal, we were all very invested in figuring out which optical drives could be flashed to remove riplock. It felt like a dark art but if you poked around long enough you really could speed things up, there were websites and discussions forums set up to help you buy the right drive and use the best media for it. I had a lot of NEC optical drives that I put in external enclosures and inside my G4 and G5 PowerMacs so I relied on this one a lot:


That was a long time ago, though, once hard drive space became so cheap most people stopped caring about burning to disc, they stopped caring about finding the good media made in Japan and I have no idea if anyone is still active in flashing firmware for current drives. If it is not riplock that is slowing you down it may be you're using an older software version and it's taking longer to find and defeat the encryption on your discs, but my guess is it's riplock.

I don't rip much these days but I use MakeMKV and stock drives that I haven't tried to flash.
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