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How do I get FFDSHOW to play nice with HD .ts files?

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Hello Al,

I have never been able to get ffdshow to leave ts files alone.

Using Zoom Player if I take out ffdshow raw video plugin it still acts as if it is there and wants to proccess a TS file.

I finally gave up for a long time but now i want to try and get it to work.

I want to use ffdshow to filter DVD's but leave ts files alone.

I even tried installing ZP in two locations but that didn't work.

The only way to have ts files work properly is to unistall ffdshow.

Anyone have a solution please?
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Using zoom player pro in customized media mode should work......You set the codec you want to use for transport streams.

Under the ffdshow video settings go to codec and disable mpeg2 playback, see if that works.
Ok you lost me.

I fond customized media mode, and when I went into that mpeg2 is set for dscaler5.

I went into ffdshow codecs section and under mepeg2 is shows disabled, but it still affects the files, what gives?

I really am a ffdshow newb and have tried to search for info, but it is impossible for me to read 2,000 post threads to find an answer.

Thank You for the help.
You can try disabling the Raw codec in FFDShow as well. Go into the Codecs section of FFDShow, look for the Raw entry, and set to "disabled". It was probably set to All or YV12 before.
The way I accomplish this is to set the Resize if... setting under Resize & aspect to be

Resize if...

Thx for the replies.

I too have the option set to resize if smaller then 1280x720, however it is the denoising, luma, chroma settings that are being applied and messing everything up.

Raw video is set to all support per guides on this board I have read, but how do I set it up for DVD files and to leave everything else alone?

Thx alot.

Not sure if that guide will help but it will show you exactly how to set up customized meda mode.
Thx I will give that a read.
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