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Hello all. New member here.

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find the relevant thread.

I've had a few different DVD-Players over the years. Some terrible ones (Samsung DVD-709, Thomson DTH-4500), some acceptable ones (Harman Kardon DVD-25), and some cheap but likeable ones (Pioneer DV470 and DV696).

Right now I have an Oppo 971 @ 1080i connected to a Sanyo Z4 projector via HDMI.

Quite satisfied with the Oppo, except with interlaced PAL discs. Doesn't matter whether the player is set to 576p, 720p or 1080i, it's showing a lot of combing in slow-moving scenes.

Of course, you could blame the poor quality of some of the discs themselves (screwed-up NTSC to PAL conversions), but I was under the delusion that the Faroudja chip could get around it. (setting the Oppo to Video2 doesn't solve anything).

So, is there any player/scaler that can deinterlace any signal (PAL or NTSC) well enough to remove all traces of combing ?

-I assume the Oppo 981 uses the same deinterlacing techniques as my 971.

-The Oppo 983 looks interesting, but god only knows when it'll be released.

-I'm not broke, but not willing to spend $1000+ either. So, super-expensive scalers and big Denons are out of the question.

-I hear the Denon 1940 has many different deinterlacing modes. Could this be the answer ?

Thanks for any advice you can provide.
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