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I’m sorry if this has been answered before, but I tried to search the heck out of this forum and couldn’t find it in the “Official Epson 5040ub/6040ub owners thread” (which is humongous).

I’m trying to get any of my newer devices (other than my HTPC) to send a 4K/UHD signal to my Epson 5040UB projector that was purchased last fall. So far the Xbox One S (using a Planet Earth 2 (4K BluRay) to test) and recently the Apple TV 4K (using Netflix to test) both refuse to allow/identify the Epson 5040UB to handle a 4K stream and always defaults back to 1080p.

Here is my setup, though I have removed the Yamaha RX-V677 receiver from the equation (just in case the HDMI pass-through is not truly passing through) and so I have connected the Apple TV 4K directly to the projector via the long HDMI runs listed below.


Epson 5040UB

Yamaha RX-V677 7.2-channel Wi-Fi Network AV Receiver with AirPlay

HDMI Cables and Plates(having removed the Yamaha RX-677 from the equation)
-- One 25ft HDMI = amazon/gp/product/B014I8TC4E/
-- The other 25ft HDMI = amazon/gp/product/B005EZTUMU/
-- Ceiling plate = amazon/gp/product/B01A9DZXY0/
-- From ceiling plate to projector (short 3 foot HDMI) = amazon/gp/product/B014I8SP4W/

Connections to Projector
- Back of Apple TV 4K connects to 25 ft HDMI cable which connects to Ceiling plate (I've tried both of the 25' ones above)
- Ceiling plate connects to 3 ft HDMI which goes into HDMI1 port of Epson 5040UB

Confused where to go next...
Like I mentioned, the 3840x2160 resolution on my HTPC appears to be working fine (even when running it through my receiver) so I’m not sure how to solve the issues I’m having with my Xbox One S or the Apple TV 4K deciding that 1080p is the max that I can handle.

I realize that my projector is in fact, at best, a 1080p projector (with only the ability handle 4K streams and shift them to 1080p) but I was assuming that it would “trick” the devices into thinking it was a 4K capable projector so that it could then use that 4K Enhancement capability.

Thank you in advance for all of your help!
- Jamie

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As mentioned above, I'd test a direct connection to the projector with a decent 18gbps cable in the 3-6' length range. If it works, you'll know it's a cable issue. Also, re-run display/resolution discovery when testing to ensure you're not just defaulting to old settings. Also, the Epson's ports are limited to 9-10gbps. This means that [email protected] or 24Hz and 4:2:0 is the best you'll be able to do for 10-Bit/HDR content... you may want/need to force this mode to avoid defaulting to SDR, but other owners may want to comment on that.

The long Amazon cable lists itself as 18gbps but I highly doubt it's actually offering that type of bandwidth at that length (which pretty much requires either an active cable or fiberoptic). Still, given the Epson's port limitations, I would have expected it to not be an issue at [email protected] or [email protected] 4:20 10-bit. The 3' Amazon cable should be able to do the 18Gbps advertised and, as such, should do the trick for testing purposes.

Also, the wall-plate listed should, in theory, be capable... especially given the Epson's port limitations. Still, the short cable only test should narrow your it to either the wall plate or the long cable. After that, testing with 2 short cables and the wall-plate in the middle should eliminate the wall plate itself.

Everything in your path SHOULD be capable of handling the 9-10Gbps that the Epson's ports are limited to... you're just going to have to troubleshoot every step in the chain to find the point of failure. Finding the device settings that work in the short cable test will be key so they can be carried through the rest of your troubleshooting. Also, you probably want to check in the Epson 4000/5040/6040 owners threads as I'm sure someone there has figured out any setup nuances of the ATV and XBOS already.
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