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How do I hook up my Turntable if the receiver does not have Phono input?

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OK, so I am selling my Pioneer VSX-35TX receiver which has phono inputs and I am buying a VSX-1015TX receiver which does not have phono inputs. I have a Pioneer PL-55 turntable and I want to hook it up to the VSX-1015TX. Can I just hook it up the the CD inputs or is there something special I have to do?


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You will need a separate phono preamp.

Lots here at many price points: http://www.needledoctor.com/

In the $2-500 category, check Lehman, Creek, Pro-Ject.

I use a Parasound PPH-100... excellent @ $150.

Radio Shack has one for as little as $50, and it is said to be decent (I've not heard it).
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