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How do I increase the memory of my DVR

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I have a verizon fios DVR. With football season coming up, I would like to record my games to watch whenever. I hate however running out of space and having to erase old games. Is there a way that I can increase my memory of my DVR..? Is there anyway I can copy my saved files maybe on a UBS stick or something? I look forward to your response.
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From all I've read the Fios DVR boxes don't have a way to increase the Disc size. Apparently there is an e-SATA input, but it is not active unless that has changed since May.

Many of the hard core recording enthusiasts opted to get the TIVO HD units and use Cable-cards from FIOS to increase their recording capacity to 1TB and beyond. With the price of the unit plus a lifetime TIVO subscription it could pay for itself after 2 or 3 years depending on your monthly DVR fee and Cablecard cost.

I'm not aware of a simple way to download programs to a HDD or Flash Memory.
You cannot expand the "memory" (storage) on any FiOS DVR. If you want increased storage capacity with FiOS, you need to buy your own Moxi, TivoHD , CableCard PC, or another PC-based solution to record content from the FiOS DVR as it is played.

Verizon does plan to offer a DVR with storage expansion next year.

You have a couple of options ... not sure if you're doing any of them.

1. to space HDD space, you could resort to recording the game on an SD channel. Recording a digital-SD channel (compared to digital-HD) can save about 4x (or more) the space (based on Comcast).

2. You could off-load the DVR onto a PC. Your verizon STB should have a Firewire port that you could use to record the footage on your PC/Mac. The games on network TV should be copy protection free, but the ESPN game might not work due to copy protection.

3. Use a device like the Hauppauge HD-PVR 1212 to transfer your games to your PC. The 1212 can record up to 1080p at decent bit rates. It records in h264 (I think AVCHD) and depending on the bit rate you choose, the file can be smaller than what's on the DVR.

3a. If you don't care about retaining HiDef, you could use a hybrid tv tuner that has analog inputs (typically s-video or composite). It works like the Hauppauge, but records in SD.

4. Instead of recording on your DVR, you could get a tuner for your PC. The broadcast networks should be unencrypted, so you could record those on the PC and MNF on the box.

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