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How do I lock desktop icons down on extended display?

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When my second display, an LCD TV configured as an extended desktop, is off, Vista 64bit moves all the desktop icons I placed on that desktop back to my primary monitor. This is a royal pain as I have to move all those icons back to that display when I turn that monitor on. Does anyone know a way to lock those icons in place, so they stay put, whether that monitor is on or off?
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Save the extended desktop as a profile (both ATI and NVIDIA card can do that). Restore it by a hotkey (use built-in ATI hotkey function).

Take a look here:

Main reference to: Desktop Restore

Site for Info about: Desktop Restore

download: Desktop Restore

from Info site:
This tiny application operates as a Shell extension. It records the layout and positions of icons and programs on the Windows desktop, and permits restoration of the layout. It appears to operate correctly under Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Yes it works on Vista 32bit and 64bit, just read down in the Change History - 08 January 2008

just click Desktop Restore at left side then choose either 32bit or 64bit version, I have wanted something for Vista for along time, before I was using PC Magazine Utility WinTidy 2_0 on XP, and never found a replacement for Vista untill today, seen your question and did some research, glad I did

I have Vista 64bit and don't have align to grid on and it works just fine for me.

Oh, on the info link he talks about dual monitors.

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AFAIK if you drag and drop a copy of an Icon on your primary display to the secondary instead of moving it to the seondary display it should stick.
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