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How do I remove all edge enhancements?

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Am I supposed to remove all edge enhancements from the display? I have set "clear edge" on 0. But settings like VMLV (aka SVM) - are these supposed to be on 0 as well? The picture mode is already in PRO, but i know i need to adjust things further.

I notice when i set VMLV on 0, the picture becomes very soft, yet more appealing and smoother. My question, which of these settings am i supposed to set on 0? How do i make the Sony picture as pure as possible?

I have VMLV set on 0, should i set the "MIDE" on 0 as well? There is a whole section in the SM called MIDE with all the VM's, should ALL these be set to zero too?

I have sharpness left alone, set according to DVE, but i'm looking for the appropriate VM settings that most of you usually turn off.

For these RP sets, is having a "pure" picture what i'm supposed to be aiming for? Am i supposed to be turning off all these enhancements? If so, which settings do i have to turn off?

Thanks. Merry Christmas guys!
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Sorry, but crystal ball is a little cloudy. :D

Which Sony are you attempting to destroy??

Destroy? Hardly. Made some great improvements recenty!
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