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How do I set up 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios with a 16:9 screen?

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I'm a newbie at this so maybe I'm going at this all wrong. That's why I'm posting :)

I have a 72 x 40.5 inch screen (just a white sheet pinned to the wall for now) and I'm wondering how do I set up my Ampro 2000D to use the whole screen width for widescreen stuff (small black bars top and bottom for 2:35 stuff that I will be able to mask off with black cloth/drapes) and when projecting 4:3 stuff to place it at the center of the screen with an image still 40.5 inches high but a width of 54 inches.

I was trying to do it this morning by using the controls to reduce the vertical size so that it would squeeze down to that size. It seems to be barely within the limits of the user adjustments (horizontal size) when the projector is set back the recommended distance for a 72 inch wide image to squeeze the 4:3 in there at 54 inches wide. I have placed the projector 99 inches back from the screen (manual says to measure screen to lens front)

Is this the correct way to set up these 2 aspect ratios? Since I'm at the limit of the horizontal size user adjustments to get the 4:3 image correct, should I move the projector a little closer to the screen so that I can back off the horizontal size a little? Right now it is squeezed to its minimum. If I move closer, I can back off some (I think).

This is the first time I've ever attempted setting up a CRT projector (I want to learn), but I want to do it right.

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Most people just simply reduce the vertical height to fit the 16:9 screen area. Then to watch 4:3 material in the center of the 16:9 usually requires a video processor to perform this function. If you want an inexpensive line doubler that can perform this function, you may want to look into the DVDO iScan Plus V2 which is able to horizontally compress a 4:3 image into a 16:9 frame.

DVDO iScan Plus V2
Hey Matt, I think you're doing it right, at least that's how I'm using my ECP3101.

I just compeleted a home-made 16:9 screen to replace my 80" wide 4:3 screen. The new screen is the same width (80") but 45" tall instead of 60".

Anyway, to get the 4:3 stuff correct, I do the vertical squeeze down to 45" and do a horizontal squeeze to 60". For what its worth, I'm at the limit of the horizontal squeeze range, but it makes it so I'm happy.

Thank you for the help. Tonight I just finished doing the convergence for everything 16:9 and wider, and it looks awesome. First time I converged a CRT projector, and although I'm sure I could do it better next time, I'm quite happy with everything so far. It took several hours.

Next thing is to set up another channel for anamorphic and another for 4:3.

I'm really loving this! Awefully sweet for the $30 I paid for the projector!

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